International Day of Dance

Today we CELEBRATE the moment when we discover movement through our body, it amazes us and makes us wonder, then we coordinate, we learn and we move to find places where we can not reach if it weren’t for MOVEMENT through our life. We start imagining, constructing, revealing and manifesting movement as an expression, as something sacred and divine, as a "let go” -  then it becomes less active, calm, settled, existing just in our memory but completely ALIVE. Then we take a Pause. This to me, is the DANCE of life. It follows everyone’s journey. It is the language of the soul represented through the body. It unites us. Therefore let’s celebrate today our divine gift.


This video is dedicated to everyone who has collaborated  with ezdanza, many who appear here, to explore, create and produce artwork through the milieu of contemporary dance and circus in order to gather, touch and support the unfolding potential of every human being. Congratulations to every single artist in this INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DANCE.

In these trying, strange and uncertain times there is peace knowing that we all will soon be dancing and creating again.