The LORCA Project - ezdanza

Director Edgar Zendejas latest discovery has been the contemporary circus art.

He is fascinated by the places this art can take people, the history of it and the point of evolution this art form is at the moment. "Circus and dance can only be accomplishing its best when given full attention and dedication. Therefore, to combine both means to bring artists of each discipline would be a fascinating adventure". 

The LORCA Project merge both worlds to its best with two versatile aerilist acrobats and four contemporary dancers interpreters.

The LORCA Project. It’s a new creation where artists are evolving, combining the magnificent roles of a dancer where he or she can take us with technique interpretation and years of experience in movement, with circus aerialist acrobats and their unlimited levels of virtuosity.

All based and Inspired by Federico García Lorca's life and work.

The LORCA Project is a passionate work that has been created through each period of Lorca's emotional state, and a project that combines director's personal passion of merging two art forms together in their strongest state of being.

Lorca's world, a world that we can only imagine through his poetry. The director's world, a world we can put into movement with poetic images, combining both poet and choreogrpaher's passion, fear, love, and feelings.

The LORCA Project is the poet's life as the music that influences the own personal life of the choreographer through dance and circus as expression.  


The LORCA Project 2019-20

Photos by Damian Siqueiros    

Styliste Michael Slack
Nicolas Labelle (dance interpreter) with Arthur Morel Van Hyfte (aerialist-acrobat interpreter)
Sara Harton (dance interpreter)  with Guillaume Paquin (aerialist-acrobat interpreter)