returns in 2017

Choreography by Edgar Zendejas
Music : Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Recomposed by Max Ritcher
A first-time collaboration between State Street Ballet, Eisenhower Dance, and ezdanza.
March 4, 2017
Detroit Opera House

"...Zendejas managed to convey the intensely emotional experience it is to live. A beautiful balance of stillness and movement, alternating between intense and soft, was created with anywhere from one to twenty-one bodies. Zendejas and his dancers deserved no less than the cheers and standing ovation that the entire Granada audience did not hesitate to give, having presented one of the most beautiful pieces of work Santa Barbara has seen this year.
Sammy Gerraty, Daily Nexus

State Street Ballet, Detroit’s Eisenhower Dance, and ezdanza, three very different companies exploding onto the same stage as never before. They illuminate the power of collaboration onstage in a World-Premiere work by Montreal-based choreographer Edgar Zendejas. Inspired by award-winning composer Max Richter’s score, Zendejas explored “To find a cycle in seasons brings me to the cycles of life that are offered to us as humans in everything we experience.My idea is to explore not the changing of the seasons, but the change of the seasons inside each one of us through life experience.” A performance of groundbreaking new work, enigmatic choreography, and powerfully evocative dancing that brings to light the strength of the human condition.

Common Ground was created and premiered with State Street Ballet, Detroit’s Eisenhower Dance,
Santa Barbara Dance Theater at the Granada Theatre in May 9, 2015 




Photos by Molly McMullen