returns in 2017

Choreography by Edgar Zendejas
Music : Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Recomposed by Max Ritcher
A first-time collaboration between State Street Ballet, Eisenhower Dance, and ezdanza.
March 4, 2017
Detroit Opera House

"...Zendejas managed to convey the intensely emotional experience it is to live. A beautiful balance of stillness and movement, alternating between intense and soft, was created with anywhere from one to twenty-one bodies. Zendejas and his dancers deserved no less than the cheers and standing ovation that the entire Granada audience did not hesitate to give, having presented one of the most beautiful pieces of work Santa Barbara has seen this year.
Sammy Gerraty, Daily Nexus


Choreography by Edgar Zendejas
Music by Igor Stravinsky
Light design by Lloyd Sobel 
Set and Costume design by Michael Slack 
Premiered February 18, 2017
The Granada Theatre
Santa Barbara, CA

Since its inception, ezdanza has been an expression of constant collaborative work, inspired by the creative energy between interpretive artists and director; this synergy is built on a foundation of reciprocal Respect, Authenticity, Equanimity, Unity, Integrity and Stability.

Now, 10 years later, ezdanza is celebrating its story of challenge and success, and would like to share a few creative moments from its first decade of life; a life that exists thanks to the dedicated cooperation, trust and talents from a rich community of artists, dancers, audiences, donors and friends.

Honouring Freedom, Simplicity and Beauty, the universe of Colibri gives thanks to the Sacred that slumbers within us always. An inner journey toward unexplored horizons, where the royal and majestic slow-motion of an elephant could well intersect the graceful and mesmerizing speed of a hummingbird, and where Life would be only pure joy and celebration.

Creation by Edgar Zendejas 

Assistant to the creation: Julie Lachance
Artists from École national de cirque. Montreal
2016 ANNUAL SHOW June 1-12 at Tohu

Éric Forget, Julie Lachance, Stéphane Ménigot, Michel Otis, Michael Slack

2016 Graduates : Kyle Cragle, Antonia Dolhaine, Johan Juslin, Vladimir Lissouba, Nicolas Provot, Nikolas Pulka, Oliver Smith-Wellnitz, Hugo Ragetly, Sopha Nem, Dina Sok, Shena Tschofen, Arata Urawa.

Supervision Team
Véronique Thibeault, Nicolas Germaine, Jacinthe Tremblay 


Choroegraphy by Edgar Zendejas
Chants from the Valaam Monastery Choir)
MARCH  2016

Edgar Zendejas in residence in Richmond once again with Realms of Amber, a new work that is both deeply spiritual and soulful, while bearing his own unique sense of cool and enviable calm. First introduced to Richmond audiences though the New Works Festival in 2014, Mr. Zendejas has found inspiration in some of the beliefs that are closest to his heart for his upcoming world premiere. “I follow a very strong spiritual path, and I believe that the soul or spirit of anybody – a woman or a man – is actually female,” explained Mr. Zendejas. “There’s an energy inside of you that’s female, which to me, means there is something that is good. I’m very attracted by this beauty, and by the beauty of women. And in my culture, Mexican culture, we celebrate women. They are icons – our mothers, sisters, grandmothers. This female figure is very strong in our lives, and gives us a very strong sense of support. So I wanted to do a piece that was about the strength of women.”Photo. Richmond Ballet dancer in Reife by Edgar Zendejas 2014. Richmond Ballet. All rights reserved. Photos by Sarah Ferguson.

GRACIAS , MERCI, THANK YOU for our first tour, ezdanza Mexico City performances at Sala Miguel Covarrubias October 2015
Thank you so much to the entire team of ezdanza, Danza UNAM, Mexico, CALQ, CAM, CAC, Quebec, Canada our donors, guest choreographers Victor Quijada and Mauricio Nava, our production team, board of directors, and to the wonderful Mexican audience.
MERCI de croire en ezdanza!
Gracias por creer en ezdanza!
Thank you for believing in ezdanza !

My most sincere GRATITUDE to:

Mtra. Angelica Kleen, Luisa Sassano, Julie Lee, Laurence Paré-Seguin, Neelanthi Vadivel, Scott Elliott, Michel Cossette, Pps Danse, Claude Fontaine, Jocelyn Sicard, Lynne Fournier-Giasson, Guillermo Rocha, Rajesh Patel, Paco Trejo, Artescen U. de Guanajuato, Mtra Ema Pulido, Mtra. Martha Elena Welsh, Mtra. Selene Aguirre, James Kelly,
Jean-philippe Barrios, Owen Belton, Alejandra Rivera, Gilberto Omar Sanchez The Sconeck, Jasper Gahunia, Diane Piché, Claire Myers, Isabelle Rochon, Susan Alexandre, Mtra. Taina Morales, Mtro. Jesus Corrales, Jean-Yves Esquerre, Louis Robitaille, Anik Bissonnette, Rossetti De Montréal, Louis-Martin Charest, Géovanny Solis, Yen Lasalle, and Edouard Dumoulin.